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Our mission:

providing dedicated solutions in four areas of our specialisation:

Audiovisual systems

Automation of scanning processes

Optimization of printing costs

IT infrastructure

17 years

of experience


areas of activity


service authorisations


authorisations of manufacturers

How we operate

Who we are

We are a company that started its activity in September 2003. From the very beginning, we focus on providing customers with complete IT solutions, providing services and supplies of hardware and software.

Ematech Trade is a team of specialists with extensive competences and knowledge in the field of IT infrastructure design and implementation of IT solutions. We have obtained numerous certificates and authorisations of producers, and due to constant provision of services, we have gained necessary experience.

Our offer

Our offer is based on four areas of IT products and services.

The first area is focused on audio-visual solutions. The second area of our specialisation is broadly-defined document processing in an organisation. The third area comprises the design and construction of IT infrastructure. The fourth area is the provision of authorised services for printing devices of leading manufacturers.

Our philosophy

Our specialisations are our interests. That is why we approach our customers with passion and full commitment so that the services and products we offer are of the highest quality.

We are constantly improving our competences by participating in many training courses organised by leading IT equipment and software manufacturers. For the last 15 years we have participated in many implementations, enhancing our own knowledge and competences.

We always respond to the needs and problems of our customers so that we can provide them with dedicated solutions.

Authorised Equipment Service

We are an authorized service provider of scanning and printing equipment manufactured by:
and we also provide professional warranty and post-warranty repairs.


Companies have different needs and know best how to match their investments to these needs. That is why Leasing Nowoczesny [eng. “Modern Leasing”] provides you with many options and opportunities. You decide how long you want to use a device or whether to replace it with a new one at the end of the contract.